Redlands, CA Holiday Season is Here! Follow these basic Self-Defense suggestions to make sure you stay safe this season.

The Holiday Season is a very exciting but also stressful time of year and while it is time to give Thanks and Rejoice it’s also not the time to allow yourself to get distracted and forget about your personal safety. The facts are that this is the season that criminals like the best because they are counting on good people to be so distracted by the sights and sounds of the holidays that they make themselves into easy marks for these thieves. Like animals in the wild Thieves are watching for people who look distracted and waiting to pounce on them. To help keep you safe during the Holiday season 5.0 Evolved Martial Arts in Redlands is offering the following suggestions to make sure you and your family remain safe this Holiday season. 

  1. If you can don’t go shopping alone. Bring a family member or a friend with you as in general there is safety in numbers. 

2. If you are going to shop alone then try to do it during the day when the stores and streets are more populated and its more difficult to for thieves to hide. 

3. If you can’t avoid shopping at night and or by yourself then park under a street lamp to make yourself as visible to others as possible. 

4. Avoid parking next to Vans, Trucks with Camper Shells, or cars with Tinted Window. These types of vehicles can provide good coverage for thieves and access to you personally for those looking to do worse than just steal your money and presents. ssa

5. Don’t leave anything visible in the car, lock up your valuables in the trunk. Also try to do this before you get to your location as thieves maybe watching. 

6. Try to park as close your destination as possible and make sure that wherever you park that you take note of it so you are not wandering the parking lot looking for your car. 

  1. Put your cell phone away until you are in the car and safely in your car with the doors locked before taking or making that call. 
  2. Deter purse-snatchers and pickpockets by caring your purse close to your body or your wallet inside the front pocket of your jacket or pants. Do not place your purse in the shopping cart where it can be easily reached and snatched. 

9. When in the stores and paying for your merchandise be sure to keep your credit and debit cards secure and be aware of someone standing too close as they may be trying to scan your chipped card. 

  1. When leaving your location look to your left and right to assess if there are any individuals lying in wait. Continue to survey the area as your walking to your vehicle, walk briskly and make sure you have your keys in your hands. 
  2. Beware of strangers, including young kids or teenagers approaching you for any reason. Thieves will use various methods of distracting you, including working in teams and using children to distract you. 
  3. Don’t open your vehicle until you are at the car and have checked the back seat. If you are by yourself only click the car open on the driver’s side to avoid any potential for someone to jump in the vehicle from the passenger side or back seat. 
  4. Once you are in the car immediately lock the doors because anyone with bad intent can quickly jump into the car giving passer-byes the appearance that they are with you. 
  5. If you feel uneasy about leaving the store then ask for security or store personnel to accompany you to car. Ultimately, it’s their job to provide this service to you. 
  6. If you can’t find someone to accompany you then wait until there is a large group of people exiting the store and walk out with them. Remember our 1st suggestion there is always safety in numbers. 
  7. Lastly, if you feel threatened, in danger or see something suspicious then don’t hesitate to call the police. See something say something!!! 

Now while we are offering these suggestions to keep safe during the holiday season in Redlands, CA our instructors at 5.0 Evolved Martial Arts suggest that you follow these suggestions every day you are out and about. 

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