Cupid’s Secrets to a Strong Relationship Courtesy of 5.0 Evolved Martial Arts

It’s easy to identify the qualities you want in a partner. But it will take more than those qualities to build a strong relationship. Here is a look at some ways to improve your connection with a loved one while simultaneously enhancing the energy and confidence between the two of you.



The whole reason people seek out a relationship partner is to share their life with. But what is a life without experiences? So go out and try new things like a kickboxing class or a martial arts class. See new places and visit new destinations. Turn off the TV and log off social media. Couples who shy away from sharing real-life experiences have a tendency to grow apart. Sharing experiences keeps things fresh, new and exciting.


Before any two people become a couple, there is a courtship involved. Two people go out on dates and learn more about each other. This is often an invigorating time. So why does it stop? The answer is that it shouldn’t. Date nights allow couples to reconnect time and again. And if you continue to treat your partner the way you did when you first started dating, chances are that things will never get old. The energy and connection between the two of you will only grow.




This sounds so simple, yet it often evades so many couples. Failing to listen to your significant other is something that will take a toll on a relationship. But when you devote your full attention to a person, it makes them feel wanted, appreciated and cared for all at once. A way to improve this is to fine tune your active listening skills. This involves making eye contact, reflecting on what is said, clarifying it with a statement, summarizing and sharing.




Couples who exercise together have the benefit of getting healthier together. This does not always have to be something strenuous. It could involve something as simple as a walk. Trying new forms of exercise, particularly group fitness or martial arts classes like the one's we teach at 5.0 Evolved Martial Arts can also be enjoyable for couples, and even a great way to meet that special someone.  Sharing something challenging together, does wonders in strengthening that bond. 




Nothing turns a relationship staler than monotony. The same routine quickly develops into boredom and could lead to wandering eyes. Surprise your loved on with an unexpected gift, date or note. Doing something out of the ordinary is a symbol of affection. This can be a tremendous boost to the spirit and most people will want to return the favor. An ongoing series of mutual surprises can really bolster a relationship.



Remember those first few dates that were pretty much a makeout session? Over the course of time, many couples stop doing that. Keep in mind that makeout sessions show your desire for the other person. They also make you feel desirable. This is a display of intimacy, which cannot be duplicated with a peck on the cheek. Kiss passionately and kiss often as it will do a wealth of good for you and your loved one.




Set aside some time to spend with your loved one while turning all your electronic devices off. No phone, no computer, no TV, no iPad. These are all inanimate objects that cannot love you back. Clearing away these devices will avoid distractions and allow you to spend quality time with a loved one. This does not have to be all day. It could be for a half-hour at a time, or during dinner. Remember, you cannot fully devote yourself to someone while you are texting.


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