Redlands 5.0 Evolved Martial Arts says Don't Quit on Your Kid..

So you were looking for an activity to put your child into that help get them off the couch, off the phone and computers while helping them to grow as an individual. You've tried other sports and group activities but nothing seems to hit the mark, your child quits one activity after another looking for that special activity to call their "THING".

You then decide to put them into a martial arts class, you have them try the class and they are enjoying and having fun in the class. You are seeing the benefits of the program but all of a sudden your child is finding the material they are learning has gotten a little harder and its taking more effort to practice and keep up, or maybe they didn't execute a block correctly and got hit and it hurt so now they are disenchanted with classes and want to quit because now all of a sudden martial arts like everything else is not their "THING". 

So now what?? Of course you let them quit because you want your child to love you and know that you support them no matter what they do or decide. But are you really supporting them or is just easier for you because you don't want to fight with them to get ready and go to class because they don't want to go. Ultimately you say it's not worth the fight and easier for you to just pay a cancellation fee or walk away. Now your child is back to sitting on the couch, being back on their phones and computers and doing what they did before you signed them up for martial arts but hey at least they are happy doing their "THING"... 

Of course not...The reality is that if you truly love your child its no better time to fight with and for them because you know that their involvement in martial arts is helping with their personal development, health and safety. Fighting to get them to class is showing them that quitting is not ok when things get tough and are not easy. Fighting with them to go to class is showing them that when you get knocked down or hurt that they need to get back up and not give up. Fighting with them to go to class is helping to show them that when you make a promise / obligation that you just can't quit or walk away because you have to honor your commitments.  

So while fighting with them to go to a martial arts class may seem like its not worth it that fight is ultimately teaching your child life lessons that they will understand as they grow and go to high School, college, work and marriage. Teach them now that life is not always easy, that sometimes life is going to knock them down, things are going to get tough but that quitting a class or quitting in life is not an option. You have to fight, you have to work hard and ultimately never give up if they want to be successful in life.

So fight with them now so they will know how to fight for themselves when life gets hard... Don't quit on them and don't let them quit on themselves...


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