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Redlands Adult Martial Arts

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Learn The Best Self-Defense And Striking Skills With Our Adult Martial Arts Classes

Looking for an effective way to stay in shape? Hoping to learn self-defense skills for any situation? 

At Jeff Speakman's Kenpo 5.0, we have it all - and so much more.

Our Adult Martial Arts program is focused on the skills and strategies of traditional Kenpo but we're also working hard to keep your heart racing day after day. This class is great for all experience levels.

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What Can You Expect From Our Adult Martial Arts Classes?

We make it a priority to help men and women all across Redlands learn effective striking and self-defense skills for any situation. Our Adult Martial Arts classes are held in a safe, ego-free environment where you can feel challenged day in and day out.

In this program, you'll start with the basics of balance and coordination, while also learning fundamental skills like striking and timing. From there, we'll build you up and challenge you with something new every time you train.

At Jeff Speakman's Kenpo 5.0, our Adult Martial Arts classes can help you:

  • Learn effective self-defense skills for any situation
  • Face life with more confidence than ever before
  • Stay motivated to train week after week
  • Enjoy professional instruction and incredible support

Oh, And Did We Mention The Results?

The focus in this system is on helping you learn how to defend yourself in any situation and build a sense of self-confidence like you never thought possible. But we're also working hard to keep your body challenged and help you see real results. 

Our Adult Martial Arts classes don't leave you counting reps or struggling through one last set.

They force you to take on new skills and focus your entire attention to getting the most out of every movement. You won't even realize how hard you're working.

We're helping people all across Redlands: 

  • Build functional strength and athleticism
  • Improve your speed, strength, and agility 
  • Enjoy healthy, sustainable weight loss
  • Sustain your success for weeks and months and years to come

Take The First Step Today And Learn More About Our Adult Martial Arts Classes In Redlands!

If you're looking for a new way to train, we have the answer for you here at Jeff Speakman's Kenpo 5.0. Our Adult Martial Arts classes are the perfect way for people of all experience levels to find success.

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Join Us In Redlands Today For The Best Martial Arts Training In Town!

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