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Redlands Kids Martial Arts Classes

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Our Kids Martial Arts Classes Give Students All Across Redlands The Chance To Have Fun And Build Character

At Jeff Speakman's Kenpo 5.0, we're proud to offer high-energy Kids Martial Arts classes that can build your child up with the best blend of mental, physical, and emotional development.

Our kid's classes are designed to help students of all ages and experience levels find success - and we can't wait for your child to be next.

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What Makes Our Kids Martial Arts Classes So Special?

We are working hard every day to use the exciting world of striking and self-defense as a vehicle for well-rounded development in students all across Redlands. Our Kids Martial Arts classes give your child the chance to learn one step at a time and have a blast in the process.

At Jeff Speakman's Kenpo 5.0, we teach the traditional skills of self-defense with a focus on building a foundation of skills before challenging your child to take on combination movements, situational exercises, and our exciting belt progression system. 

Our Kids Martial Arts classes here in Redlands are perfect for:

  • Improved athleticism and coordination
  • Effective bully prevention strategies
  • Incredible confidence in everything your child does
  • A great group of new friends and supporters

PLUS, Our Kids Martial Arts Classes Can Prepare Your Child For All Aspects Of Life

We know how much young students love the heart-racing aspects of our workouts. But we also know how important it is that they develop into well-rounded young adults who are prepared for whatever life throws their way.

That's why we use our Kids Martial Arts classes to help students all across Redlands learn important character skills that can help them find success at home, in the classroom, and even into adulthood.

Give your child the chance to take on:

  • Respect and leadership skills
  • Discipline and self-control
  • Focus and attention to detail
  • Leadership and teamwork skills

Try Out The Best Kids Martial Arts Classes In Redlands Today!

If you're ready to challenge your child and set them up with a great opportunity to learn and have fun, come see us today at Jeff Speakman's Kenpo 5.0. Our Kids Martial Arts classes are perfect for all ages and experience levels.

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